I don’t remember this flavor

fuck if they came in a 30mg flavor Id have a serious m&m habit, Id be jackin circle K’s left and right
I meant ghetto as in it’s fuckin TACKY.. stfu.. obv I know Newport is a rich ass town u fuck. jimbowned
French vanilla kiwiberry 😍
I am legit in a ghetto ass hookah lounge in Newport, RI with my bf.. 😩
the love of my life 😍
I love this place :) wake up and look out the window and the ocean is right there… it’s amazing :)

imhighonmemories asked: I love you, you express the things I feel

that’s what I’m here to do boo ;)

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so I’m going away for the weekend to Newport, RI with my bf and I’m bringing my dog (obv)… anyways, my mom is legit “helping” my dog pick out which toys he wants to bring on “his little vacation”…

BUT I’m the one who does the drugs…

I swear sober people are more screwed in the head than we are.

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fuck 420.. this is the REAL blue dream

$1 million of heroin. April 17, 2014.