“All I ever felt was this helplessness, imprisoned by a selfish bitch. Chew me up and spit me out, I fell for this so many times it’s ridiculous! And still I stick with this, I’m sick of this. But in my sickness and addiction, you’re addictive as they get, evil as they come, vindictive as they make ‘em. I’m addicted to the pain, the stress, the drama, I’m drawn to shit I guess. I’m a mess, cursed and blessed. But this time I ain’t changing my mind, I’m climbing out this abyss.”
25 to Life- Eminem (via zombiesalts)
“Wanna make a monster? Take the parts of yourself that make you uncomfortable - your weaknesses, bad thoughts, vanities, and hungers - and pretend they’re across the room. It’s too ugly to be human. It’s too ugly to be you. Children are afraid of the dark because they have nothing real to work with. Adults are afraid of themselves.”
Richard Siken (via brazenbvll)

Jenny Holzer

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my demise ain’t here don’t hold your breath. cook heat over beef, so Im somethin like a chef. purple kushes, my bitches wax off they pussy bushes - eat dick like it’s delicious, and grant a pimp’s wishes. she dig my country talkin, she say I sound funny. embassy suites sittin on the bed countin money. illegal hustlin, dirty money mustlin, spend it like I never saw a day of pain or sufferin. look at my face you can tell I seen both of `em. I stick and move - do my biz, get my doe and dip.

relaxxx and take notessssszz

“My poor mother
begged for a sheep
but raised a wolf.”
Michelle K., Four Rhythms. (via michellekpoems)
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— Friedrich Nietzsche


me: hey can i have some money?

bank teller: do you have an account with us?

me: nah i just heard yall got money


there’s a special place in hell reserved just for me

it’s called the throne


Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet in Heaven
Submitted by winterswanderlust.

— Friedrich Nietzsche